• On July 16, 2017
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Cat Mario

Cat Mario Game
Cat Mario is another modified version of the Super Mario games franchise. Cat Mario gives players the chance to play as a white Cat through the game’s levels. The object of the game is to try not to fall into the large pits throughout the level or be killed by either seen or unseen enemies.
Playing Cat Mario
The player must try to jump on the opposing enemies to score points and stay alive. If the player is touched by the enemies without successfully landing on them, they will lose a life. If the player loses all of their lives, it’s a game over. The player may control the game with the left, right and up keys. The left and right directional keys move the player either left or right on the screen and the up key makes the player jump.
The player starts the game with three lives and the general rule of the game is to manage to get to the end of the level without losing a life. If the player desires to see their gameplay speed measurements on an x and y basis, they may click the Speed button in the upper-right hand corner of the screen. However, if the player wishes to see the gameplay statistics such as the current game time, lives remaining and coins collected then the player may click on the Game option in the upper right-hand corner.
As the player begins the level, they’re in a dungeon setting with a floor of blue blocks. The player may use the directional keys to move but they should be wary of lower blocks in the floor as some of them can shift and fall when the player steps onto them. The player may keep an eye out for shifts in the floor while jumping over enemies and/or landing on top of them to defeat them.
While the player is jumping, there is sometimes also atomic bombs that drop from the sky that the player must try to avoid. There are also many hidden enemies or other damaging items the player might encounter so they should have an eye out at all times. For example, some landing spots that seem safe may contain hidden enemies that kill the player upon landing on the spot. Other areas of the game might have hidden enemies that appear airborne or off screen.
Tricks for Cat Mario
The player may use their mouse to click on the Attach Panel option on the left-hand side of their screen to display gameplay enemies that may be inserted into the game. If the player desires to step up the intensity of the level or perhaps would like to edit the level slightly, they may drag the red box from the Attach Panel to the location they’d like the enemy and then click on the corresponding enemy to place it on the map.
However, the person must reach a certain point within the level to “unlock” the ability to use the Attach Panel feature. While the enemies may be able to placed, they will not function correctly until the Attach Panel feature has been successfully “unlocked.” To do this, the player must reach a certain point in the first level where they will then be presented with a dialog that they’ve been awarded the ability to “choke on a grape” which means they’ve unlocked the ability to use the Attach Panel. The dialog the player will be presented with will also explain that as well.
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