The Cool Math Games 6 are for kids and students bored of learning math and other subjects. The idea was initiated by Karen, the Chief Executive Officer. Putting herself in the shoes of kids realized the importance of teaching Math to children at an earlier age. There are various sections of Cooler Math games. They are based on strategy, skill, number, shape/color, pictures, memory, logic, jigsaw puzzles, to play on the board, scientific ones, spelling and reading, coloring, preschool for primary children and mazes.
This page focuses on number games to test the math skills. There are many games in this category such as, money games, addition and subtraction, counting numbers, to learn time tables, fractions, negative numbers and decimals, coffee shop very popular and much more. The use of colors, animals, known human figures, boxes, etc., is organized well
to catch the attention of kids.
How to play the game:
Let’s concentrate on the popular number game on the site,”The Coffee Shop”. As you open the game page, it will take time to load if your net is slow. You can play the game on your android and iPad too. All you have to do is run coffee stores. You are entitled to a cash of $30 to buy the ingredients for making coffee. The decision is yours regarding the quantity of the ingredients to purchase. You have to create your own recipe of coffee. The taste is important. The right taste of coffee according to the customers will fetch you more money to run the business. The cost of the ingredients is specified as a table which you have to select and purchase within the limited cash. The Flashes provided on top of the head of customers indicates their thinking about your product. You can use the left and right arrows on the keyboard and mouse as well. With the mouse take the cursor through the tutorial and then play the game.
Tips and tricks
A tip is given below the game display for you have a better understanding as what to do. The tip is to increase the sales of coffee. It is up to you to change the price at any point of the day. As mentioned earlier about the thinking of customers. Keep a close watch as to what they are thinking. If more of them express dislike of coffee than change the ingredients for their taste. This way you can increase your profits and keep selling more cups of coffee. The trick is to use 1 tsp of coffee, sugar and 1 cup of milk for a cup of coffee. Keep adjusting the milk and sugar.
The Cool Math Games web site is one of its own. The games don’t link to other sites. They are free to play and do not require any registration process. All the games are equally fun to play. Children will not only enjoy playing but will learn the basic of math well. This is a fun way of teaching math to kids. This will give them a strong hold on the subject at an early age. You can check the Cooler math stores with funky T-shirts, mugs, stickers, watches and more. This site is updated from time to time with new introduction of games for teens and kids. Share the Cooler Math Games with your friends and increase your knowledge. This is a genuine website for educators.