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Cool Math Games Run 2

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Run2 is an amazing game that gives you the option to select between two wonderful characters – the runner and skater. It enables you to show cast your running skills. The game is designed based on cool math and uses various interesting elements. It is spectacular to run through the galaxy under the star ridden sky. It is a simple game which involves running, jumping across hurdles, sliding of magnificent roller skates and doesn’t follow any law of physics.


The best part of Run 2 game is it contains levels and shared contents self created by many users and players. If you are a game creator, you also have the chance to contribute to the levels. Play Run 2 and cross various types of levels to reach the destination. Play the tricky 3 Real Tunnels and get lost in the world of tunnels.

Experience the detour way of playing by choice, choices level where one path will lead to the other. With the letters levels you need to check for few worthy letters to cross the level. Enjoy the pace with winter time level which requires you to go fast followed by slow and normal like the season, earn bonus through the difficult level. If you want something spectacularly thrilling, go for life or death checkers that is hard but fascinating. The game Run 2, is regularly updated with new levels and thus keeps the interest of the player on.


Playing a game is interesting and convenient when it comes with easy controls. Simply use the right and left keys to move in the particular destination, press space to jump and simply press P to pause the game. If there is something wrong or you have taken a wrong move, you may start again by simply pressing R for reset. It is easy and interesting running game, runs according to way you direct and control.